12V 4x4 Electric winch

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Electric winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable"). Our Electric Winch is a must-have for recovery applications and it's really easy to use. Especially optimised for recovery use. Includes everything you need for setup and operation.☆ 12/24V volt series wound motor for power and fast line speed ☆ Low-profile design will fit suv,offroad,jeep and so on ☆ Durable, smooth, and reliable three-stage planetary geartrain ☆ Automatic load-holding break for safety ☆ The clutch allows you to release winch rope by hand ☆ Aircraft grade wire rope, or synthetic rope is optional ☆ Remote switch + wireless remote control ☆ We have 100% testing on winch pulling capacity and function ☆ CE and GS Compliance applied and safety testing approved ☆ Our products are of well-designed, beautiful appearance and easy to install NOTE 1. Read the instruction manual carefully before operating! Keep safety consciousness at all times. 2. Keep hands and body away from fairlead (cable intake slot) when operating. 3. Do not use winch as a hoist, do not use for transportation of people. 4. Don't operate and spool under full load over one minute continuously. 5. Do not exceed winch load weight capacity. While motor is over heating, please stop for a while to cool down. This product is guaranteed for 24 months against defective materials and workmanship. The guarantee excludes the wire rope, damage caused by misuse, failure to follow the instructions, or submersion. 12V 4x4 Electric winch (2)

12V 4x4 Electric winch (4)

12V 4x4 Electric winch (5)

12V 4x4 Electric winch (6)

12V 4x4 Electric winch (7)

12V 4x4 Electric winch (8)

This winch bears a 6.5 hp waterproofed wound motor. It is connected to a 3-stage planetary gear drivetrain that is fast, handles lowering loads well and has moderate friction and parasitic draw. 12V 4x4 Electric winch (2) Strong Steel Cable  Like most winches, this one operates under a free spool clutch whenever you need to pull out the line. Its 92 ft cable is made from thick and durable steel wires that are hard to damage.

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